About Us

I really decided to start my own business when anxiety came to my life.
It was really hard and confusing, because I had no idea what was going on in my life, all this start in 2018. By 2019 after many resources and looking for any desease my doctor told me I had anxietyand panic attacks, witch for me, that was great news just because I realize that I was kind a "OK". 2019 covid and then 2020 I decided to watch videos and start looking for something I can do and be focus on to keep my mind occupied not thinking about anything that can increase anxiety and …...tada!!!! this wonderfull Crafting World came to my life: cake toppers, banners, cupcake toppers came as a hobby and here I am with no anxiety at all and Im so grateful with the love of my life God!!! because he was always with me anytime any day in every minute I thanked God for you my customers and my family

I am so gratefull to all the people that trusted in me and my work

Thank you so much for your support!!